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  ~ Thinking outside a box on Mars, that missing...Je ne sais quoi for your project.

I think very differently than most humans (so I'm told) therefore as I create I think of ways to make something look, feel and communicate  differently to the viewer. 

In the day of the internet you feel like you've seen it all, I create to challenge that sentiment. I believe traditions prolong the birth of the now, live in the now, birth the future.

Life is like an art class that’s circled around the subject, no one artist has the perspective of the subject
— kd

Contrast and unorthodox are my best friends, modern aesthetic is my girlfriend.
We paint the town red pushing the line of "why nots" and "just because" to design concepts never before seen, sewing the seeds of inspiration for young creatives worldwide.

I am on a mission to spread LOVE~ (verb: the act of doing for or the respect of.) through design. I believe I'm responsible to share my talents with the world as the world provides my inspiration.
I absolutely love fulfilling that mission by working with creatives and clients of all industries, the less familiar  the better. I like to be the nurse that helps birth the project in a way you love.

Working with a wide range of companies, studios and creatives have shaped my experience greatly. The biggest creative impact I've had so far is my privilege to be hand picked to work along side the late great Michael Jackson.
He told me my imagination grants me the ability to communicate ideas to tangible creations, ....I know right!
Being a creative designer was not a choice, it's the way I was born. I have a deep love and appreciation for the arts and the people who create them, especially the many people I've worked with, resulting in them saying "I luv kd!"